Japara Retirement Living is part of the Japara Group, and is responsible for the management of our retirement villages.

We are committed to providing residents with independence, quality lifestyle and peace of mind.

We are mindful that when moving from a family home to retirement village unit, many seniors do so to acquire a lifestyle that provides friendship, activity, security and is free of the worries of home maintenance.

Our residents live independently in their own self contained private units, and we offer a variety of retirement living options to best suit  each individuals lifestyle and preference. Residents can tend to their own garden, shop nearby, engage with the  neighbours, pursue  hobbies and  residents come and go as they please.

Security and companionship are paramount. Our support to addressing the needs and desires of our residents is not limited to the provision of quality homes. It spans across lifestyle interests and physical wellbeing. Further, family and friends are always welcomed to visit though some may not wish to leave.

Our retirement units are conveniently co-located with our residential Aged Care Facilities which offer low and high  level care. This enables our residents to live close to their partners and maintain their independence  at a time when one resident transfers to the Aged Care Facility,  to receive a greater level of care.   Being co-located, we can arrange for residents  to enjoy having meals at the residential facility and participate in regular activities that are available.   

Our residents enjoy being able to take holidays, with the knowledge that their home will be safe and secure.